From left to right: Lamar Hurd (President of The Other Side of Basketball), Joseph Niedermeyer, Joey Jenkins (Executive Director of Ncompass)

Haiti: Making The Connection

In August 2013, The Other Side of Basketball (TOSOB) took its first trip to Haiti, alongside Ncompass, to serve at the Maranatha House orphanage.

The orphanage, which is sponsored by Ncompass, is home to 40 orphans. It was there where TOSOB's kids would spend a week developing relationships with the young orphans by playing sports, creating art projects, singing songs, and building infrastructure. Each of TOSOB'S kids did a great job immersing themselves in the Haitian culture and offering themselves to be of service to the orphans, but one kid in particular, Joseph Niedermeyer, felt a unique calling to help.

After returning to Oregon from his inaugural trip to Haiti, Joseph (12 years old at the time) quickly began raising money and awareness for his new friends. He fund-raised several thousands of dollars within the next few months, which enabled the orphanage to hire an English teacher. Joseph then went back to Haiti in 2014, and from there, he shared videos with friends in the U.S. of the orphans speaking English to him for the first time!

Since 2013, through writing letters to close friends and family, engaging with donors at Ncompass fundraising dinners, and through hosting a dodgeball tournament at his school with over 100 participants, Joseph has raised over $7,000 for the kids in Haiti to learn English. He has taken the torch as the TOSOB leader there, and we are proud of him and of all our kids for their continued service in that country!

Through the partnership between The Other Side of Basketball and Ncompass, kids from schools such as Valor Christian School International, Century, Cathedral, Jesuit, and others have been able to serve in Haiti.

If you'd like to learn more about the Maranatha House orphanage please visit!haiti/c18oi.