Misson Statement

"We challenge kids to refine their character, to live by integrity, and to then trust their spirit."




Kids involved with The Other Side of Basketball will be identified by their habits. Using the basketball influence to positively impact other lives, they will seek to live each day with integrity, honesty, and discipline. Realizing that "family" is a connection capable of being shared with anyone, they will treat everyone with kindness and respect. Understanding that pride comes before the fall, they will recognize that no individual is more valuable than the "big picture." Knowing there is a truth in every situation, they will use wisdom to determine what's right, and they will be comfortable abiding by that. Relating "success" to their life purpose, they will measure being successful by their level of effectiveness. Valuing their character, they will commit noble acts as a lifestyle rather than to be acknowledged. Approaching all situations with an open mind and open heart, they will be receptive to others. Remaining optimistic, they will be confident that consistent positivity allows for favorable outcomes.