Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility

The Other Side of Basketball officially began working with Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility (located in Salem, Oregon) in the spring of 2016. Along with Joey Jenkins from Intentional 360, we offer Hillcrest a dual-approach of basketball training and life teaching. The initial classes proved to be a success, as we saw continued attendance from most of the youths, as well as new attendees as the sessions evolved.

We believe that all of the young people at Hillcrest have the ability to learn from past mistakes, grow into their potential, and eventually become positive contributors to society.

Below is a snapshot of what The Other Side of Basketball offers Hillcrest:

Program Structure


  • Two 60-minute training sessions each month (the team learns plays, concepts, and drills to help them both individually and as a team; in addition, they learn the significance of teamwork, discipline, and hard work)


  • Two 60-minute group classes each month with action items between sessions
  • Every session is comprised of:
  • Update to the group on their progress on prior session action items
  • Brief 5-minute update on some world issue to increase global awareness and potentially connect them to a primary cause
  • One-page educational handout
  • Presentation on primary learning objective for that class
  • Close with action items for next time, questions and reflection

Primary Outcomes

  1. Increased clarity of long term vision, calling and strategy
  2. Improved time-management skills
  3. Ability to set and track goals effectively
  4. Increased self-awareness: passions, strengths, desires, etc.
  5. Identify a charity or cause they want to champion
  6. Expanded worldview
  7. Skill development: decision making, etiquette, listening skills, verbal communication, interviews, public speaking, etc.
  8. Increased confidence